How to Setup your First Quora Ads Campaign

As we are going to do on any Ad network to test conversion, it was Quora Ads turn on this tutorial. We wanted super targeted traffic based on questions from Quora. We thought it would be expensive but it is not.

First you will have to go to and register as an Advertiser.

Then you will get your main screen of ads:

There you can create different group of Ads. I got one active Campaign.

Let us show you what happens when I click LeadGen Tool suggestion link.

We have 2 different Ad Sets, with different strategies.

Then if I click first Ad set, it will drive me to all my Ads.

And we can see all the Ads we have inside the Ad Set, we can target different audiences on different Ad sets.

Here we show you more closely all different kind of ads. We made question Ads to appear on traffic very similar to our question. We based these questions based on Quora Search Results and most voted questions when searching our industry keyword.

We like to give clear ad names to know exactly what kind of traffic they bring based on question. We know it is going to appear on that specific question that brings constant traffic for people getting into the rabbit hole of what we are targeting

So at this point, you will want to get an idea of how to create an Ad Set and target audience properly. We will guide you step by step because we are going to create a group of Ads of Images and not only Text, but we will show you also how to create a Text Ad.

Creating a Quora Ad Set step by step

You can start a fresh Campaign by going on this endpoint:

Just add your campaign name and we are selecting traffic this time. And we d it because is wider and allows us to test different types for lower bid.
At least $5 USD per day needs to be applied.

After clicking Continue, the campaign will be created and you will get redirected to Ad Set creating. Here comes the important part, selecting attributes for your audience targeting.

You can filter by country or specific cities. Get creative by selecting and creating other Ad sets for different regions. We will do a general this time.

Since Quora has limited traffic, it is pointless to upload email lists of scraped data to be super targeted as we do on Google Ads.

Make your audience based on contextual targeting to get more reach on targeted topics.

Apparently we suppose this gives more conversions due to the nature of targeting, but we will be doing an experiment with Broad targeting and make a post about it.

Make sure you add a ranged CPC for this, you can try adding lower CPC budget than suggested and see what happens, you can always edit and try for a few days. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

So the next is to try your own copywriting and improve eventually:

After this, just click on Continue to create Ad and Confirm.

Then your ad will be posted.

Make sure you add your payment details to keep the campaign going. This is a good investment if you have a good Landing page that Opt-in for people visiting it.

We specially have a Landing Page with a Free Trial Opt-in that leaves name and Email, once they opt-in they bring to register form and ask for credit card. But at least we capture Leads and we can drip-feed emails to them to promote our tool.

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