Updating Our Business Model and Application Features

We are excited to announce an update to our business model and some enhancements in our application. Moving forward, we are introducing a lifetime subscription model. This means users will pay a one-time fee, ranging from $70 to $99, depending on seasonal promotions and special offers. With this lifetime deal, users will receive 1,000 credits each month. These credits will reset every month, ensuring consistent access to our services.

Subscribers will enjoy unlimited access to a software version that requires configuring proxies and setting up in advanced mode. Additionally, resources like guides and templates, which do not consume credits, will be available for lifetime use. However, features such as Lead Spider, Places Crawler, Text-to-Voice, Graphics systems, and other upcoming tools that utilize APIs and incur costs on our end will require credits. Should you need additional credits, options to upgrade your monthly subscription or purchase extra credits on demand will be available.

For our existing users who have already purchased lifetime licenses at higher costs, we have a special update. You will receive 5 to 7 times more credits compared to new lifetime users. This means you will be credited with 5,000 to 7,000 credits monthly, in recognition of your early commitment to our service.

This new business model is designed to sustain our growth and continuous improvement. It addresses the issue of multiple registrations by individuals seeking free credits and then canceling their subscriptions. Therefore, we will discontinue the free credits option to prevent this exploit.

We value your feedback on these changes. Our commitment to enhancing and adding value to our tools remains steadfast.

Soon, we will be releasing a roadmap outlining our future plans for the ecosystem. We appreciate your patience and support throughout this journey.

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