How to Automate Scraping Influencers from Any Network, Enrich and Contact

This is a tutorial focused for all those advertisers that need Influencer Marketing. In our case, we are going to start applying that on Instagram and Tiktok.

I will try to stay focused and direct to the point. First I need to consider the niche keyword I need, be focused that these keywords need to be on Influencer Profile page. In my case I will focus on Digital Marketing influencers.

So we typed digital marketing leadgen and then wait untill everything is populated.
It might freeze a bit, we are working on improve it, but you will get all scraped contacts without email removed and also it will remove invalid emails.
Then make sure to filter up and delete those you are not interested. We are currently fixing bugs but you can easily erase them on the Desktop version once updated.

I will then filter up by opening data in the Desktop software to enrich and get number of followers without spending too much time opening and checking manually.

There you will go to Software Download Section
And select latest version. We discontinued Mac Updates until new notice.

Open Desktop software, input the same email from your account and the License. Remember that email need to be the same, you can see it directly here:

Now you need to synchronize with your account Database, the one you saved before. (SAVE TO MY CLOUD DB)

Then you will filter out those you want to Email, then load directly into the integrated emailer using SMTP such as Outlook or Thunderbird. Link&Grow is a software that has more than 5 years on the market, and we have evolved it tremedously.

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