Extract Linkedin Companies and Laser Target your Linkedin Ads campaigns

Most of networks are starting to hide the option to target specific audiences. This lower down the conversion on your campaigns. That is why re-targeting is gaining strength.

So how to get data to create these campaigns that will laser target audiences?

1.- You will need to use the Lead Spider or Link&Grow Desktop software.
The Lead Spider web application will handle the whole proxy processing, in Desktop software you will need to set up your own.

Let’s search for Law Firm in Manchester:

It will give back like 800 results per search

Then you will have to copy to a Google Sheet so there you can filter and export.

According LinkedIn documentation here: Company and Contact Targeting List Templates , you will be able to upload 300k companies. So you might want to paste results in same document or upload file by file.

This has a template you need to download and paste columns inside or just try uploading existing csv and assign columns on the Linkedin editor.

This is the link to download Company example format: https://business.linkedin.com/content/dam/me/business/en-us/marketing-solutions/a/targeting/LinkedIn_Ads_Account_Match_Template.csv

Then you will be targeting multiple companies filtered.

Now you could enrich this information with our Desktop application Link&Grow

Here is a video showing how to setup X-Paths:

We show Foursquare example, but it is the same for Linkedin, going and inspect Element in the company page.

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