How to use Google Commands to get Leads

Getting emails, phone numbers and important information from different networks like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more is a challenge for most entrepreneurs, but in this step-by-step tutorial we will show you how to achieve this in record time.

First you need to understand that every website is crawled by different Search Engine spiders such as Google, Bing and others. So for instance, the search engines know things that we might take advantage from. You won’t be needing to crawl the entire internet tool, you will have to use the search engines for this.

But… how to use them properly?

There are plenty of tricks that might be unknown for you, like Google Commands or conditional booleans. Lets go and see one by one how they work.

This command will allow you to specify the search only for a website, for example: + Marketing with this query, you will find only profiles or posts that have the Marketing keyword on the About sections or in the post copy.

  Now lets try adding a pattern between quotes “example” , along with conditions such as ANDOR which can be used between keywords that have these double quotes. Example: + “Marketing” AND “” 

  If we visit each of those profiles, you will find that they have their contact email on the About me section:

Now that you understand this concept, you can play with any website and with any email pattern, but there are more tricks that you can use to keep finding juicy information.

Now lets try finding contact with different patterns of keywords that might give business emails. Let’s review this trick adding different types or keywords that are most commonly used before sharing an email, such as: + “Email me at”

You will find many kinds of emails not just from, for example

So now you know you can use this commands to get as many contacts you want, now lets try adding a niche keyword into that search so we see results: + “Email me at” + “Real Estate”

There you are, it’s just a matter to enter the profiles and copy them directly into a spreadsheet and not manually all you need.

You can also try this trick to all the following networks to get professional people, or people you can contact in many ways that we will explain.


Let’s try for example on Facebook Groups, specifically for Real Estate people: + “Email me at” + “Real Estate”

We got almost 3,000 results from Public Groups, but that is amazing. People want to connect.

Now that you have this idea how to get all this information, let us give you plenty of ideas on how to convert them as Prospects to buy your services or product.

How to get response from all these contacts?

There are many methods to contact them, we will list them and deep into each of them.

You can email them directly as cold emailing, probably you might get response if you are doing a give-away of something they might be interested in.

You can increase your network as Linkedin, Facebook or others doing a Bulk import of contacts, many networks let you upload a CSV to import them.

Laser target certain PPC campaigns, you already know of people sharing their contact information so you can create an Ad strategy to contact them.

Now that you know how to get email and get prospects manually, you might be interested in our software that automates the whole operation and uses many APIs to enrich the contacts.

How to automate grabbing all results and crawl websites for Emails and Phones automatically

This is where is very useful for you. Because it will automate all the struggle of searching manually, visiting each website, finding emails and phones. Finally verifying and exporting to your Cold Emailing campaign.

For the commands we did a Recipe process that will gather strategic commands according footprints on different websites. Google is the best and massive crawler on all around the web, so you better crawl the crawler results to get different results.

You can find from TLDs. (Top Level Domain) Like specific countries in order to get businesses that probably are not listing on Google Places, but using, keywords, footprints on code and much more.

If you want to watch the recipes index, you will need to have an account with us, but good news is you can get your free license for 3 days.

To find your own custom recipe you will have to search on Recipe finder for Google Command & Crawler:

Search for Google .. command and you will see that result autocomplete.

Now lets add your command on the Keyword field like: + SEO Agency

that way you will find all SEO Agency in United Kingdom, since we are finding for TLD.

So it should look like this. Now click on SEARCH NOW Button.

You will get good results like this, and also explore for phone numbers inside. We will be improving our parameters to find different phone formats.

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