How to do B2B Lead Generation with Cold Emailing

B2B (Business-to-Business) Lead Generation is kind of a new definition but a very old concept when it comes to the Internet. Business have been doing it since the old days, but back then it was Phone calls from your websites. Nowadays it is the same, but now we have different technologies such as calendly or Zoom.

Now, there is a lot of ways you can drive traffic to your landing pages and I will list a few of them;

  • Google/Bing Ads
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads.
  • Linkedin Ads.
  • Quora Ads and many more.

From all of this, you might see that you will have to pay per click, per impression, conversion or whatever, but you will need to pay sometimes inflated rates, depending seasons. This is not like something you can skip, it is necessary for your business and its a budget that its supposed to be used to grow your business.

Now there is other ways of Marketing, which is the Cold Emailing method. Most people might say the effect is not that good, but that is because they don’t use a follow-up strategy. Which is waiting few days and automatically send another email in a format, you can even do A/B testing.

Starting to Generate Leads right away:

First things first, you will need to get data, and that is easily done with the best World Wide application for business. Google For Business or Google Places. It lists any kind of business on all industries around the world. Validated companies with solid reviews and from any city of the world.

How to do this without all the manual labour of searching, filtering and contacting manually each of the business?

We first have to visit the Company Finder:

Add a keyword and the type a Location of any city, street, state or even country. That way you will get the most ranked business on Google Maps.

Once you get results, it will crawl each website that finds, plus you will get the Phone and then verify each email found. Then you can select and then Copy -> Paste on Google Spreadsheet and create a Campaign on Gmass, or Send to Lemlist software so you can create your follow up strategies.

You can also add to lists on your Sendy installation that has a follow-up strategy.

You can add any type of keyword related to the niche or industry. Like agencies, realtors, flowers, or any kind of business listed on Google For Business

Now there are plenty of Cold emailing applications out there and we can easily discover applications with SimilarWeb or AlternativeTo so we have worked with Lemlist and Gmass, that’s why we mentioned before, but I will list you a list of the top rated cold emailing platforms that you can use with this data and get proper responses on a follow-up:

There is a great article found here: you will find PROS and CONS about the list of many of the ones I just put in the list.

But that is not all how you get data, we have a Lead Spider which will get results from Google and Bing using proper commands. So if you want to contact those ranked in different positions on SE you can use this. You can get many many recipes we have worked on and you can check them on the membership section which is free to try.

You can find this here: Lead Spider inside your premium membership.

There you will be able to search for anything.

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