We provide a state-of-the-art business contact search engine scanning for influencers, potential clients and many other marketing opportunities.

Observing websites and platforms for email addresses, influencer contact details, and phone numbers.

Start your marketing campaign and let the hard work be done by our data aggregation web app!

Our tool is working within every standard web browser and does not require any installation!

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Leadgen.tools is an innovative business contact search engine.

Google Places Extractor

Realtime listings of Google My Business using Google API and Places AutoComplete for precise data, crawls websites for Emails, Phones and more.


This searched the internet for the contact information and email addresses of many artists on different networks such as DeviantArt, Behance, Dribble & more.


This searches websites and platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and youtube for relevant profiles, email addresses, and phone numbers related to your search.

eBay/Etsy Sellers

Find Sellers from many Third-paty Marketplaces around the Web and add them to your Campaign Strategy.

Local Business Directories

This searches websites like Yelp, Tripadvisor, YellowPages, and Foursquare for keyword relevant businesses and their email addresses.

International Business

This searches the internet for businesses which operate internationally and locates detailed contact information relevant to your search.

TLD/Domain Crawler

Find all websites from around the world using custom domains such as .yoga or .shop, etc. Get Emails, Phones and more.

Business person

This searches websites like LinkedIn, Angel.Co, Xing and others for relevant contact information of business people related to your search.

Online Stores

Searches for Ecommerce websites and detailed contact information for stores related to your search. Shopify,WooCommerce,Drupal, etc.


This searches websites like Kickstarter, Patreon, or Gofundme among others for keywords and will find detailed contact information from profiles.

Hotels & Rooming

This searches websites related to booking stays. Examples include websites like Airbnb, Booking.com and Expedia for relevant contact information.

USA Local Businesses

This searches the web for local US based businesses with a focus on contact information of small businesses.

Our EXTRA Tools for Lead Generation

We count with different Recipes that will provide you a very solid and fresh data set for your cold emailing campaigns.

Desktop Software Suite

Scout the entire internet for People, Companies, Groups, etc with SERPs, crawlers or bots.

HTML Builder tool

On the go Landing Page, Email and Form Builders with many ready templates, Get Leads.

Google Maps Scraper

You can do real-time data extraction of Google My Business using API and crawling.

Campaign Sender

Send Emails, SMS,  WhatsApp  and more Campaigns within the Desktop application.

Keyword Tools

Gather realtime suggested long tail keywords from Google, Amazon, eBay, Youtube & more. 

API For Developers

Use many functions from our system on your own system. Increasing functions.

Ad Spy

Spy on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Linkedin and much more places, all in realtime.

Marketing Graphics

A lot of variety of graphic suites that you can adapt to your Campaigns easily.

Training Courses

We have multiple tutorials so you can learn how to use everything showed  to get your goals done.

Browser Automation

Enrich, automate and Enrich your data to filter and laser target. Included on the Desktop Suite.

Methods Exposed

Our customers share some private methods to generate more leads on different niches. 

VIP Community

Discuss in our private groups on different networks. Meet people and learn from everyone.

Answer & Question


How does the algorithm work?

Leadgen.tools Data crawler tool analyzes the web for business contacts and lists available information necessary for you and your team to start an email or phone promo campaign by industry, keyword or location. You can mix these parameters and that way run an advanced and customized data analysis campaign. You can export your results easily and upload them in your emailing or call program.

Direct contact and building your own network is essential for everybody who is running their own business or sales campaigns. Reaching out to the right contacts is one of the most important steps in developing an active and profitable network or growing an existing one. It’s the seed that allows for organic online growth.

While many people pay for outdated contact lists and highly expensive while sloppy working software, our web tool lets you easily BUILD YOUR OWN contact list of organic business contacts without extensive researching. Anyone can email, call or DM an influencer or business owner, all you need is the relevant information regarding these contacts. Leadgen.tools takes the heavy leg workout of lead generation and lets you focus on the most important elements.

Leadgen.tools is already very popular among many sales managers and influencer marketing companies alike. Its intuitive design makes it the right choice whether you just started with e-commerce or you are veteran online marketer. Create a profile and grow your sales numbers with a customized direct outreach campaign today!

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We have been developing our tools for more than 5 years. 

Our constant rework on different features has driven to create a membership place where you will get almost every tool needed to achieve multiple leads on different niches.  

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